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Tramadol is the generic product name that is often sold under brands such as Ultram. It is an effective opioid pain medication prescribed for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. The product is available in both tablets as well as solution form. Tablets must be taken by mouth while the solution can be injected directly into the patient’s circulatory system.

Depending on the brand name product, Tramadol may be sold as part of more complex formulas that also contain Paracetamol.

The pharmaceutical drug was patented in 1963 and has been sold in the US since 1977. It is one of the most often used medications in the world, however, it is considered a prescription drug. This means that it can be purchased only at the recommendation of the healthcare provider.

What is the active ingredient in Tramadol?

The active ingredient of Tramadol is tramadol hydrochloride. It is a painkiller belonging to a class of opioids that acts directly on the central nervous system to treat pains of various severity. Being an opioid, the product must only be used under the supervision of the doctor as it can cause serious medical complications when the patient suffers from certain medical conditions.

While there is little research regarding whether or not tramadol should be used during pregnancy, it has been established that the drug does pass into breast milk. Tramadol should either be only taken once during breastfeeding or stop nursing the child until the treatment is completed.

What are the side-effects of Tramadol?

Tramadol has several side-effects that are considered mild and do not require medical attention, such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, dizziness, headaches, and lightheadedness. If you experience any of these, it is important to inform your healthcare provider, however, they are not dangerous unless they persist after the treatment is stopped.

There is also the danger of addiction to be taken into account. Taking Tramadol for an extended period followed by abruptly stopping the treatment may result in withdrawal symptoms.

The advantages of purchasing it online

Ordering Tramadol online is often much easier than buying it from physical pharmacies. Here’s why:

It is more convenient

Unlike regular pharmacies, online ones focus on making the ordering and delivery of products as easy and as quick as possible. This means that ordering Tramadol from an online pharmacy only takes a few minutes and the delivery will be made in 24 hours.

It is more affordable

It is more probable to qualify for a discount when buying Tramadol online than from a regular pharmacy. Furthermore, some online drugstores offer discounts for return customers or to individuals who make larger purchases.

It is easier to find the product

Regular pharmacies keep prescription drugs in very small stocks, however, online ones act like large warehouses. It is much more likely to find Tramadol in an online pharmacy than a regular one. If, however, the website does not have the product in stock, it will usually place an order with the supplier whenever a potential client shows interest in it.


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